October 2023

Homemade turkey breakfast sausage

Easy Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage

I’m so excited to share this super easy and rewarding homemade turkey sausage recipe! Don’t be intimidated! If you can make meatloaf or cookies, you can do this just as easily! Why Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage? Sausage usually is synonymous with high fat, high sodium, and undesirable additives like nitrates and nitrites, which have been …

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Glycemic index, list of foods glycemic indexes

Glycemic Index of 51 Foods: Good and ‘Bad’ Choices

Awareness of the glycemic index of foods can help stabilize your blood sugar. Stable blood sugar doesn’t just apply to people with diabetes. Avoiding foods with a high glycemic index can also help stabilize your appetite, energy levels, help maintain a healthy body weight, support clearer skin if you struggle with acne, and avoid the …

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How to Lose Weight, Without Counting Calories, plate of junk food and phone with calorie count app both crossed out

How to Lose Weight, Without Counting Calories

In the quest for health, it’s easy to become fixated on calorie counting as the ultimate metric for weight management. Calories, which measure the energy content in food, have long been the focus of weight management and dietary guidelines. While monitoring calorie intake can certainly result in weight loss, an exclusive focus on calorie counting may lead us to overlook the broader picture of how the food we eat is impacting our health and appetite. This can ultimately hinder the long term sustainability of weight loss.

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