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bottles in a boxing ring and text magnesium citrate vs glycinate and magnesium showdown

Magnesium Showdown: Citrate Vs Glycinate for Optimal Health

Introduction to Magnesium Supplements Have you gone down the rabbit hole of magnesium supplements? It gets hairy in there, sorting out the different forms. The citrate and glycinate forms are popular choices due to their high bioavailability and effective health advantages. Understanding the nuances between magnesium citrate, known for its support in digestion and potential to improve sleep …

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picture of bottle of magnesium pills

Best Magnesium for Mental Health: The Role of Insufficiency

Have you ever taken or considered taking a magnesium supplement for symptoms like constipation, muscle cramps or pain, sleep, or migraines? These are some of the things magnesium can help with, but are also linked to mental health challenges like stress, anxiety, and depression. If you have any trace of these issues, read on to …

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