Welcome to Root Deep Nutrition and Wellness – Where we fight inflammation with diet, create a foundation for physical and mental health with nutrition and lifestyle, and connect with nature!


Hello, lovely souls! I’m Anne Marie Berggren, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with training in integrative and functional nutrition, and experience in clinical nutrition since 2006. My passion is cultivating resilience through the power of nutrition and lifestyle. Welcome to a space where delicious meets nutritious, where we dive deep into the realms of anti-inflammatory living and functional nutrition therapy, and reconnect with nature in our own backyard.


Join me as we explore the power of an anti-inflammatory diet, nutrients the body uses as the cogs in the wheels of our physical and mental health, the gut-brain connection, and how all of this makes or breaks us in the face of stress to make us more or less resilient against anxiety and depression..

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If you have been a non-responder to treatment for anxiety or depression, know that medication alone for any health challenge is not as good and when it is combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, have felt the stresses of life take their toll on your body and mind, or just want to improve your health, mood and well-being in the day to day grind, read on and explore how simple shifts in nutrition and lifestyle may be the difference in how you feel and experience your life.


As a dedicated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I bring my passion for functional nutrition therapy to the forefront. Expect evidence-based insights, practical tips, a sprinkle of culinary inspiration, and a dash of suburban homesteading as we navigate the world of food as medicine. I’m here to guide you towards nutrition strategies that resonate with your needs and goals.


And for those seeking personalized support, I offer nutrition counseling services designed to illuminate your path towards lasting wellness. Let’s work together to create a roadmap for your health journey, blending the art and science of nutrition to craft a life that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.


Thank you for visiting Root Deep Nutrition and Wellness.! Let’s embrace a vibrant, nourished life that radiates from the inside out. Get ready to embark on a holistic adventure where your plate becomes a canvas for health, happiness, and delicious discoveries.

Here’s to your health and the joy of savoring every moment on this wellness journey!

With love in every step and bite,

Anne Marie Berggren

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Wellness Enthusiast

My Credentials:


Working Clinically Since 2006

Functional Medical Nutrition Specialist

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional

CLT: Certified LEAP Therapist

Obesity and Weight Management Certification

Apple picking with my son in 2017

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