Suburban Farming for Mental Health

Having a home garden, and maybe even some chickens, can help you feel more connected to nature. Not only will growing food support a more nutritious diet, spending time in nature is connected to reduced stress and anxiety levels.

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Fast Growing Cold Hardy Spring Vegetables

After a long gray winter, spring planting is a highly anticipated breath of fresh air and sunshine! Don’t let people discourage you, several vegetables thrive in early spring and are hardy enough to withstand cold temperatures and even late frosts. These cold-hardy vegetables are excellent choices for planting as soon as the soil can be […]

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USDA Zone Hardiness Map 2023

What Are Growing Zone Numbers?

Growing zone numbers, also known as USDA Hardiness Zones, categorize regions based on their average annual minimum winter temperatures. These zones provide valuable information for gardeners and growers, helping them select plants that are likely to thrive in their specific climate conditions. Here’s a breakdown of the growing zone numbers and the winter and spring

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