Omega 3 Test for Your Omega 3 Status: To Test is Best

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Have you heard of an omega 3 test? We’ve heard that omega 3’s are important for our health. The benefits span the entire body, exerting effects on our mental health, heart health, gut health, and overall ability to resolve inflammation throughout the body, including that of healthy habits like exercise.

Fortunately, with a little nutrition education, you can make tweaks to your diet to gradually improve your omega 3 intake. As previously discussed here, we know that we have to look at the total intake of all of the fats in our diet, as we are what we eat and therefore our cell membrane composition will reflect what fats we consume in our diet.

But wouldn’t it be great to really KNOW, what you are made of? How can you really gauge how you are doing with your diet and supplement regimen, and if you need to keep tweaking things in said diet and supplement regimen?

To test is best! And I found a great omega 3 test that is affordable and gives you information about all the fats we are always hearing about.

Unfortunately the omega 3 test is not something you can easily get when you go to the doctor, our medical system simply is not set up to provide us with this kind of information unless you fall into a specific type of patient. But fortunately it is available in the marketplace.

Omegaquant Omega 3 Test Options

Several different versions of the omega 3 test are available to fit your needs, but I really like Omegaquant’s plus or complete options. Given how affordable these tests are, they will give you the most information. They offer other tests for vitamin D, HgbA1c, B12, and methylmalonic acid (a more sensitive marker of B12 insufficiency or deficiency). However, you can likely get your doctor to order these. If they do not order them, however, these tests are a great option.

Furthermore, to make the most out of your omega 3 test results, I recommend consulting with a Registered Dietitian about your results to help give you direction on how your diet and supplement regimen are influencing your results.

The process is easy:

To learn more about omegaquant omega 3 testing and omega 3 benefits on their YouTube channel or on their blog.


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