Top 7 Benefits to Choosing Young Living Essential Oils

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Essential oils have gained popularity and while increasingly prevalent at stores and online, drastically vary in quality and purity from product to product. This is actually very concerning, as products labeled as essential oils can be diluted with other ingredients. No government agency grades or certifies essential oils, and while many essential oil products are labeled “therapeutic grade”, there is no meaningful definition of what that requires. So it is essentially just a marketing word that sounds good.

It is good to investigate the manufacturer of the essential oil for quality and integrity. This is a major reason I personally felt most comfortable using the Young Living company’s essential oils and essential oil based products. Below are 5 reasons that come to mind when I think about why I like ordering from them.

  1. You are choosing top quality essential oils
    • The Young Living company is very idealistic and takes great pride in creating uncompromised quality essential oils.
    • With their Seed to Seal promise, you can be sure you are getting only pure and therapeutic grade essential oils with no fillers or nonsense.
    • They also have great sustainable farming practices, overseeing every step of the process on their many worldwide farms.
  2. They don’t just do essential oils but also essential oil based products that always score well with the Environmental Working Group.
    • This means every product you use in everyday life can be replaced with non-toxic, essential oil based products free of any toxic ingredients. Seriously, when I first started trying Young Living products like their shampoos, lotions, face wash, and cleaning products, I looked up each and every listed ingredient using the apps Think Dirty and Healthy Living which are powered by the Environmental Working Groups 1-10 scoring tool for toxic ingredients. With this system, a 1 is the least toxic or non-toxic and a 10 is very toxic with scientific evidence of toxicity. Start using these apps and you will be shocked by how many of your everyday products that you use on your body and in your home score very high. This is a great opportunity to detox your life, give your body and your family’s bodies a huge break, and get healthy! We are truly blessed to live in such times where we have access to these pure products made from the best the planet has to offer!
  3. Every batch of Young Living essential oil is rigorously tested both in-house and via third-party testing. Always good practice.
  4. When you create an account and sign up for a monthly loyalty order, you get 24% off retail prices and can even accrue rewards with Loyalty Rewards!
    • This monthly order can be changed every month so you only get what you want, and with each order accrue massive awards with a Loyalty order rewards system. And it is so generous it adds up fast. The points you earn with each order are essentially free money to use to buy more of your favorite essential oils and products (for FREE). You also earn up to 25 percent of your order’s total PV back in product credits to spend on future purchases! 
      • 1–3 months: 10 percent of each Loyalty Rewards subscription order
      • 4–24 months: 20 percent of each Loyalty Rewards subscription order
      • 25+ months: 25 percent of each Loyalty Rewards subscription order
      • I know no other reward program from any other store or brand that is as generous as Young Living.
    • As another bonus, each month different products are given as a free gift with your qualifying purchase at various price points. So if you have a larger order one month, you will also be getting some FREE products!
    • When you use this link to try the oils, and use the code SHAREYL with any 50 PV minimum order, you save 10% off your order.
  5. Essential oils have many benefits to your physical and mental health. The science is there and growing. Whatever ails you, there is probably and oil for that.
  6. Among the >600 products Young Living has to offer, you will find supplements to meet many of your supplement needs.
    • From protein powder to B-complex, hormonal support to parasite cleanse, CBD oils to CBD topical pain relief, you can often find what you are looking for with great quality, purity, and all earning you points with your Loyalty Rewards order! Where else can you find that?
  7. The farms that are at the root of Young Living span the world, use sustainable practices, support local communities, and look beautiful (I have to been to visit any of them as of this writing but you can check them out here). I feel that being in alignment with spending is a way to support what I would like to see more of in the world.

Try one of Young Living’s starter bundles and get loyalty rewards today!

You can try out Young Living and Loyalty Rewards today with 24% off retail and start earning your rewards with your first order. Select a starter bundle of suggested products tailored to your needs and interests of 100 PV (point value, typically 1 point/dollar), and be sure to click “Yes, make this my first loyalty order” to earn points on today’s order and lock in your rewards! Remember to also use the code SHAREYL to get 10% off!

Start with a bundle, or pick whatever products you want for your first order.

There are several different starter kit bundles to choose from, many of which feature exclusive YL product lines. The Thieves home cleaner products and goji berry based Ningxia drinks are just a couple of the options. There are also some that combine a diffuser with some different oils.

The Thieves bundle is one of my favorites, and great way to experience the joy of cleaning (yes I said there will be joy as you clean, lol) with essential oils. You get great value with the concentrate of Thieves Household Cleaner. One 14 ounce bottle of cleaner is enough to make 29 16 ounce bottles of cleaning spray! And it smells so wonderful, freshening your space as you clean with the effective essential oils!

The Ningxia Red bundle is another great choice. Ningxia is a powerfully nutritious and delicious drink made with goji berries. In this bundle you get to try a few of the Ningxia products you are sure to love. Personally, now that it is July and the heat is sweltering, I like to freeze the single serving packets and we eat them like ice pops. Kids love it!

Of course, you will find several different combinations of various oils, oil blends, and diffusers you can start with as well.

Incorporating Young Living essential oils into your lifestyle can truly be a transformative journey. With their unparalleled commitment to purity, sustainability, and holistic well-being, these oils offer you a natural way to support your physical, emotional, and mental health. From the vast range of aromatic experiences to the science-backed benefits they provide, Young Living essential oils stand as a testament to nature’s power to nurture and heal. So why wait? Embrace the potential of these botanical wonders and embark on a path of wellness that aligns with nature’s wisdom. Start your aromatic adventure today and discover a world of balance, harmony, and vitality that Young Living essential oils can bring to your life.

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Anne Marie Berggren RDN, MS, CDN, CNSC is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's Degree in Nutrition, training in integrative and functional nutrition, nutrition for mental health, obesity and weight management, is a board certified nutrition support clinician, and an adjunct professor for the Stony Brook Graduate Nutrition Program teaching advanced clinical nutrition.

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