Here you can find resources for other wellness related topics, links to pages and products to support a healthy lifestyle, and rabbit holes to explore.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Cory Muscara is a mindfulness meditation teacher you can find on apps like Simple Habit, or his Practicing Human podcast, and see his book Stop Missing Your Life in the book section of this page.

Gaia TV is a subscription streaming service that checks a lot of the wellness boxes. It is full of videos with yoga, spirituality themed shows and content, and meditation videos to name a few.

Centerpointe Research Institute has sound tracks you can download that use binaural sounds to enhance your meditation practice by helping to create certain brain wave patterns.

Movement for the Body

YoQi is a YouTube channel that is a great way to get some fresh energy moving through your body without needing to do what we typically think of as exercise. It is based on Qi Gong (chi-gong) movements. Great if you have not been exercising and are fearful of getting started moving.

I am a Peloton fan. They offer such a comprehensive platform of home exercise and even have guided meditations you can stream. You can choose to have a bike, treadmill, or even rowing machine now, but they also offer yoga and weight lifting classes to stream in your living room. If you don’t have equipment, you can even go walking, jogging, or running with an instructor to help keep you motivated.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the beautiful plants of this world, and using them connects us to nature, detoxifies the products we use, and calms the limbic system of the brain as we smell their beautiful scents. The essential oil industry is vast and very few of the products out there are manufactured with integrity, purity, and quality you can trust.

I am a brand partner with Young Living Essential Oils, and recommend their products as a source you can trust because of their Seed to Seal promise. They are involved in every step of the manufacturing process, from the farms to the distilleries. They enrich the communities they work with worldwide and bring you what are probably some of the most ideally produced products on the planet. Using my link to try their products out for yourself gives me a small commission as a brand partner.

Gardening Products is a must visit source for all things home gardening. We, well I, love perusing this catalog for awesome trellises, raised beds, tools, and indoor and outdoor home gardening products.

Eden Brothers is a site for organic seeds of all kinds. They have a nice site that makes finding the right seeds for your home and garden fun and easy, and provide useful guidance about gardening. See the seeds sprout and grown all the way through the season and watch your confidence grow along with them.

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